The endodontists at Northwest Endodontics in Park Ridge, Drs. Patrick Fitzgerald, and Sebastian A. Przybylo, work closely with referring dentists to offer patients seamlessly personalized endodontic care.

Enjoy a Seamless Treatment Experience With Our Endodontists in Park Ridge

At Northwest Endodontics, our endodontists are experts in procedures including dental implants, root canal therapy, root canal retreatment, and endodontic surgeries such as apical surgery and apicoectomy. Additionally, we’re fully equipped and prepared to handle traumatic dental injuries and dental emergencies. 

As endodontists, we focus exclusively on the diagnosis and treatment of the soft tissues inside the teeth and below the gum line (pulp). As a result, we often work closely with referred patients and their primary dental care providers to supplement general dentistry treatments with exceptional endodontic care. 

We’re proud to serve our patients from two locations in Park Ridge. These convenient locations allow us to accept a greater number of patients while still serving each and every patient and their referring dentist with impeccable attention to detail, personalized care, and advanced treatment techniques.

Your Dentist’s Choice for Endodontics in Park Ridge

Whether you come to us for a root canal, dental implant, or another procedure, we use advanced diagnostics, treatment techniques, and the latest endodontic technologies to provide you with the best possible care and treatment outcome. 

From referral to treatment and follow-up with aftercare, our endodontists and the team at Northwest Endodontics work closely with your referring dentist to create a seamless treatment experience, and we look forward to helping you achieve optimal oral health for life.

Our endodontists at Northwest Endodontics provide exceptional treatment and seamless continuity of care by working closely with our patients’ referring dentists. We focus on offering diagnosis and treatment of issues related to the interior pulp of our patients’ teeth. This includes diagnosis and treatment assistance with advanced diagnostic CBCT imaging in addition to full dental implant procedures, root canal therapy, surgical and non-surgical endodontic retreatment, endodontic emergencies, traumatic dental injuries, and more.

Comprehensive Endodontic Care

A member of the American Association of Endodontists, Northwest Endodontics focuses exclusively on endodontic diagnosis, treatment, and care. Our endodontists are highly experienced in each of our services, including root canal therapy, surgical and non-surgical endodontic retreatment, endodontic surgery, dental implants, cracked teeth, dental injuries, microscopic endodontics, and more.