To familiarize yourself with our practice and ensure you are well-prepared for your upcoming appointment or procedure at Northwest Endodontics, we welcome you to read through our patient guidelines and instructions. 

These patient instructions and guidelines include:

Keep in mind that these instructions contain general information and can only act as a guideline to help you prepare for and recover from your endodontic procedure. Your specific pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions might vary slightly from those available on our website, depending on your individual medical history, procedure, and treatment plan. 

Our endodontists and patient care team always provide our patients with thorough instructions to follow in the days leading up to their appointments and in the days following treatment to ensure optimal treatment results and a swift, smooth recovery. 

We’re Here To Answer Your Treatment Questions

If you have any questions about being a patient of Northwest Endodontics, your upcoming treatment, recovery, or your patient records, we welcome you to contact either of our offices. Our team is here for you, and we are always happy to help you by answering questions about your care at Northwest Endodontics.